Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My son turned 1 year old today!!

1 yr old Noah

Click here to view my animation I made for Noah
Still from 'Dear My Son'
 Today is Noah's birthday. I cannot believe it's been ONE YEAR since my first son was born. Noah grew so fast!!! It has been one of the most difficult times but at the same time the happiest moment of my entire life. I am always so thankful for having the most wonderful wife and son. I made a little animation to celebrate Noah's 1st birthday and he did see the animation a few times. Noah looked very serious when he saw this but the entire film grabbed his attention haha. Like I always do, I traditionally animated and painted with watercolor for each one of the frames in the film. So here it goes around 1000 watercolor papers I used for this. This film is one of the shortest ones I have ever made since I started animating in 2003 but this sure if my most personal film I had fun doing the most. Noah and we are now just so overwhelmed with love all the beautiful birthday notes we have been getting today. I think now I am so ready for my life journey with Noah for the rest of his life~
Nearly 1000 sheets I painted for 'Dear My Son'