Friday, December 28, 2012

Galapagos Exhibition @ Ilmin Museum of Art opens

I am very fortunate and honored to be included in this group exhibition called, 'Galapagos' at Ilmin Museum of Art which is one of the major private art museums in Seoul, Korea. I sincerely thank my friend Yang Yujin for organizing this great exhibition. All the participating artists are super amazing. 

This exhibition is extra special for me since it's my very first exhibition participating in my home country, Korea.

The only unfortunate thing about it is that I cannot be there in Korea this winter. The show will be held between 12/28 (yesterday in Seoul time) and 2/17 in the new year. The show's main theme is 'LIFE,'  'SURVIVAL,' and perhaps, 'REBORN.' My participating pieces are some of the original watercolor animation frames from two of my films I made at Cal Arts, Naked Branches (2007) and Palette of the Ocean (2006).

Click this link to the exhibition info on Neolook.

My parents and sister are going to see the exhibition tomorrow and I will upload more pictures of my work, program, etc once my sister sends me the 'good' pictures ;-)

 According to what the curators said, at their opening last night, they got lots of positive feedback about my animation and my pieces and the press and news representatives were very interested in my work. It only makes me want to continue pushing myself more in my animation art. 

Enough of me talking here. Thanks for checking out my blog. In about a week, I will have one more update on the exhibition with the pictures I will be receiving from my sister~!

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