Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7th Biannual RCC Animation Showcase and vacation

Last Friday, at RCC Digital Library Auditorium, we had over 200 guests for the 7th Biannual RCC Animation Showcase. It was a huge success. The audience included my own colleagues from animation schools and companies, Jee Hyun Yoo, Arem Kim, Rami Kim (as judges), the president of the RCCD Board, Trustee of the board, bunch of art and ADM faculty members, my students' families and friends, etc. Each student was given between 1.5 months to 3 months to work on a short animated film and most students truly pushed their limits to express their arts and tell their stories. This link below is a film, 'The Little Princess' by Crystal Franklin, a winner of 'Best in Show' award which is the highest honor of the entire showcase. The Little Princess is a film about a symbol of love created with a paper cutout/stop motion animation techniques accompanied by a digital compositing in Adobe After Effects.


Please check out more selected films/award winning films from the showcase this semester on a link below. Believe me they are all worth checking out.

  Then this video below is me freestyling in Korean at the showcase reception recorded by one of my students Rick. Kerry and Nick did the beatbox and I didn't do the best freestyle rap but I did it cuz I kind of promised my students according to what they said. I regret it but hey it already happened and the video is already out on youtube. I told my students I am not ready to be the next PSY yet haha.


The pictures below are the ones my students and I took at the auditorium and at the reception.

with some of the winners from the showcase. Charlene, Crystal, me, Ade, Frank, and Jacky

And finally it's a vacation. I am so ready to rock and roll with my family.

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