Saturday, November 17, 2012


After 4 years of my tenure track evaluation at Riverside City College, now I am finally a Tenured Associate Professor of Art effective next academic year. This still feels pretty surreal. The whole thing came too early for me. Like I have told my friends earlier, it's just a beginning and I know I have much more space to grow and learn. So followed by my tenure, only good things happened. My friend and one of the most talented filmmakers I've known, Andres Salaff came to RCC as a guest lecturer and his presentation was so so so well received and he gave my students lots of inspiration. As I came back from CTN Animation Expo this afternoon, I found out one of my watercolor animations, Naked Branches is being featured at Charlotte Viewpoint, an online museum sponsored by Wells Fargo and ASC. My personal life at home? Still doing the best to be a good father to now my 7 months old son. Lots of work, lots of joy, lots of love, but as much frustration of experiencing stuff I never imagined before having a kid haha. Enough of my talking here. Have a great thanksgiving next week all!

Click here for Facebook event : Upcoming Group Exhibition at Tribal Cafe in Echo Park
Picture of me signing a Tenure Approval taken by my colleague, Rhonda Taube

My friend, Andres Salaff giving a guest lecture at RCC

Click here to go to Naked Branches on Charlotte Viewpoint

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