Saturday, January 12, 2013

Galapagos Exhibition update

So here is a little update on what's going on at Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul (광화문). My family went to check out the show for me since I couldn't make it to the show myself. And here are some pictures my sister, Steph took while they were at Ilmin. My friend and a gallery manager/curator, Yujin told me it was a huge success and recently she was interviewed by one of the major main TV stations KBS for their TV gallery show. I am just honored to be a part of this exhibition with all the great artists. I looked up other artists participating in this show and sure they all have far more experiences and reputations than I do. So that made me fee good haha. I am currently working on my new short animated film and working on a several freelance projects all in my watercolor animation. I am just thankful that my medium can be well used and recognized even though it sure is not a mainstream animation medium I have been pursuing. Enough of me talking here. Thanks again for checking my blog out. More updates on my new film coming soon! (Hopefully)


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