Thursday, March 29, 2012

Symphony of the Soil (2012)

I am very much proud to say I have been very fortunate to be included as an animation director in this documentary feature film called 'Symphony of the Soil' directed by Deborah Koons Garcia from 'Lily Films.' You can find the full main crew on this film on this link below.
Of course, the entire animation in WATERCOLOR!!!!

Click here to view the full cast and main crew

Unfortunately my own animation crew members are not listed there but I am sure they will be included in an updated IMDB list in not a far future and they're currently listed on the roll up credit on the actual film. So shout-out to Andrew Jen Aviles, Roseanne Tan, Leon Lam, and Seyha In for extraordinary art works and animation works they've contributed to this project.

Also they have upgraded their website recently.
Click here to view 'Symphony of the Soil' new website.

For the film's WORLD PREMIERE, they just screened the entire film at the NATION'S CAPITOL, National Museum of Natural History this past Sunday. I couldn't go there but I'm very positive that it went well.
Click here for the World Premiere Info.

Last but not least, it is looking very positive that the public screening will be available in the theatre nationwide but at the same time it is already being screened at universities and different venues after the premiere last Sunday. I cannot wait to see this in a big screen!!!
Thanks YOU the bloggers for your time to read this. I have included little tiny pictures from this project here. Everything is copyright 2012 Lily Films.

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