Friday, March 23, 2012

March Madness!

I feel like I am barely posting stuff once a month or..not even...
For those of you who keep up with my blog again! a huge thanks ;)

It's Friday 3/23 4:45PM (a month before my first baby's due date, yay!!!) and I just came back from the Cal Arts Campus tour for my students from Riverside City College.

Now March has been extra busy for me because I volunteered to take my students to Cal Arts and Cartoon Network. Maybe it was a crazy idea... two fieldtrips in one month, but why do I do this because my students come and tell me I want to work at Cartoon Network, I want to teach at Cal Arts CAP, I want to go to Character Animation Program at Cal Arts. I am not sure if I was as organized and professional as I was supposed to be during these field trips in last one month, but I think I gave them a motivation and a goal.

I am not sure if any of these people below are reading my post now but the studio tour at Cartoon Network would have not been possible without Brooke Keesling, support and regarding the Cal Arts campus tour, I would like to thank "big time" to Martha Baxton, Dan Hansen, and Valetta Caravetta for everything, extra time, kind words, all the information, etc every year we visit. It was also great to see my old instructors and friends at Cal Arts. I always feel like home whenever I am at Cal Arts. Enough of me talking here stay tuned for my next post on the films I've been working on recently :)

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