Friday, June 10, 2011

Youtube Link to the winning films from the showcase

Finally, RCC Art Dept uploaded all the winning films from the 4th bi-annual RCC Animation showcase. Here is the general link to the RCC Art youtube Channel.
Click the tile of each film to view.

Best In Show & Audience Choice Award
Wuxia by Leon Lam

Best Animation Principles Award
The Game by Matt Thornton

Best Computer Art Award
Jeff the Monster: The Work Day by David Herrera

Best Animation Production Award
Sausage King by Vincent Frye

Best Comedy Film
Check Mate by Alex Howard

Best Art Direction
A Dream and a Dance with the Hunter by Erin Fitzgerald

Special Jury Award
The Drain by Alex Jones

Best Experimental Film
The Effects of Soil Content and the Environment on Plant Life by Nick Bygon

Also, don't forget to check out all other awesome films from these individual websites below.
Mew Meow by Tracey Townsend
The Battle for Dreamland by John Casiano (Directing and animation) and Brian Prieto (Animation)
Something Cheesy by Seth Day, Austin Jones, and David Sanchez

Kitty Kitty, Meow by Eddie Rosas

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