Thursday, June 9, 2011

4th Bi-Annual RCC Animation Showcase and my thoughts

Last night at Riverside City College, Digital Library Auditorium, we had nearly 200 guests that came to watch my students' animation films. About 10 minutes after the showcase began, a good number of the audience had to stand in the back and watch the show simply because there was no seat available. Many of my colleagues from different departments came to support our students. RCC Art Dept was very fortunate to have talented animation artists as judges for the screening and they are my friends and colleagues from Cal Arts Film& Video, UCLA Film & TV, CalArts CAP, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Thank you Mary, Hedy, Shiyoon, Mina, Destiny, and Jian!!! My students worked countless hours to complete short animated films. Their commitment and efforts for their film obviously inspire me to continue making my own film. When I first started the 1st bi-annual animation showcase, there were 14 students and 30 guests in a small art classroom with a overhead projector to show a small group of animation students' films. Animation curriculum at RCC is growing very fast and I think it's because of my students' energy and efforts in their works. I want to congratulate all 54 filmmakers that presented their films last night. I will soon post the winning films from this semester's showcase on RCC Art youtube Channel. Thank you all for reading my little thoughts. I am so proud of my students and very happy that I get to be a part of this creative group of artists.

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