Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Film in Progress - watercolor frames

It's already August. Pretty scary. Time flies. My lovely son is now about 3.5 months old and only getting more and more adorable. While I am doing really well at my full time baby care job at home during my vacation, I found a little tiny bit of time to continue working on my new short film. This time, I wanted to go back to how I first got started in animation which is watercolor animation. So there it goes lots of canson watercolor paper from dick blick. These days I barely have a space to walk around in my working rm/studio space as you can see on the second picture. Watercolor animation is so much fun but as you can assume, it's already too much time letting individual frames to dry. But I love it so much!! About this new film... All I will say is that this will be my visual letter and a gift to my newborn son ;-) Let's put it that way and I will continue to upload more work in progress. Thanks for checking out my new post all!

animation frames individually painted on watercolor paper

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