Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pencil Drawings

 My vacation has started about a week ago. And yes it's a long vacation about 12 weeks worth. I don't know if I really deserve it but I am glad I'm an educator. Even though I have a full time job at home taking care of my adorable yet to be 2 months old baby, I figured still 12 weeks vacation was quite a long period of time to just take care of my son. So I decided to do a couple of things. One, More pencil drawings. I think I missed drawing figures with pencils so much since I have been mainly animating with watercolor in last ...10 years or so. Two, Work on ANOTHER film :-) I know I just completed my new film in this past February but yeah what can I say, a reason I went to the grad school to study animation after 4 years of animation at Cal Arts and a reason I got in to education in the first place was so I can continue to make short films. The only thing I will say about my new film is ..., you'll see some butterflies in watercolor animation and there will be some sort of rotoscope. Three which I already started is RCC Animation Facebook Group (Closed/private group) for my former and current students. So if you're reading this and you happen to be an RCC animation alumnus or current students, send me a request by clicking here. There, in last couple of days, I have been uploading lots of inspirational films, pencil tests, animation and cinematic arts events, and job opportunities. I plan on using that facebook group page more actively by uploading my lecture notes, lesson plans, and the field trip announcements, etc when a new semester starts in late August. Last but not least on this post, since I started talking a little bit about my yet to be 2 months old baby. Here are some recent pictures of him ...Oh and Allie ;-)

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