Saturday, April 14, 2012

Women Surrealists at LACMA

First of all, why is this post not about a newborn baby yet? Because we're waiting after waiting after waiting, things are all packed for the hospital, the baby seat is all installed in our car, but it's just not happening yet... Jian's been having braxton hicks contractions for days and we were told we can have a baby in any day during this week but but not happening yet. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Anyways so instead of waiting forever, Jian and I decided to kind of 'let go' and go to Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see the Women Surrealists Artists works. We have been always fascinated by their works.

In Wonderland, the Surrealist Women Artists in North America (that originated from all over the world.) It was far more than just 'amazing.' I was already familiar with some of the painters in the show however it was my first time going to an exhibition with women surrealism artists from all over the world. Their visuals are beautiful, symbolic (culturally and emotionally), expressive, and sometimes abstract.

According to the LACME's original post on their show by Pavillion, Their art was primarily about identity: portraits, double portraits, self-referential images, and masquerades that demonstrate their trials and pleasures. The exhibition includes works in a variety of media dating from 1931 to 1968, and some later examples that demonstrate Surrealism's influence on the feminist movement.
Click here to view LACMA website on this show.

Finally, here are some of my favorite paintings at the exhibition today.
In order of appearance, the artist names are as followed.
Alice Rahon, Sylvia Fein, Remedios Varo(for 2 works in a row), Frida Kahlo&Lucienne Bloch, Jacqueline Lamba, Alice Rahon, and Lilia Carrillo

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