Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maya Erdelyi's visit at RCC (10/18/11)

Earlier today, Maya visited Riverside City College as a guest animator. RCC Art Dept was very fortunate to have her at RCC today. In my opinion, Maya is full of spirit, colors, and design sensibility. She's an MFA candidate of Cal Arts Experimental Animation at the moment and she studied art and animation in Harvard and Cooper Union. She worked with world-wide known artists and directors such as Michel Gondry, Aaron Rose, and Jamie Caliri. It was great to hear her commercial work experiences as well as her personal filmmaking experiences. She's an expert in "Cut-Out Animation" and "Stop Motion Animation." No wonder her work has shown at places like The Hammer Museum, MoCA, and Redcat. Maya's presentation was very well received by the students and staffs at RCC. More than a half of the auditorium was filled and sure it was a good turnout. You can check out more of Maya's works on the link below.