Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My very first 3D Animation

I graduated from Cal Arts and UCLA Animation where I majored in animation but wasn't required to take any CG Animation in order to graduate. In fact my class at calarts (class of 2007) was the last class to graduate without the 3D animation requirement. Besides, I would not have taken maya animation class anyways because I was too stubborn and egoistic haha. Anyways years later,  as I start to appreciate different aspects of animation and how this medium of animation has so many tools to tell stories and ideas I thought I might as well learn some CG. Also this will benefit my students at RCC when they want to talk to me about their projects. So here I am six years after graduating from Cal Arts and 4 years after graduating from UCLA, over this summer, I finally came up with my very first, lame, and bad 3D animation haha. This is a safer place to post it than facebook I figure cuz not all 700 fb friends will see this at once. But if you happen to be an unlucky viewer to see this now, well, enjoy. It's only 25 seconds long.

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